What is Resa in rman?
Resa in rman means 'Heather and Yarrow'. We want to create a place full of beauty, inspiration and nature. A place, where we can show things that we like, that amuse us and fill our souls.
We like everything that is imperfect, messy, whimsical, everything that resembles flowers and greenery.

Resa in rman was born out of our wish to work with hands. Flowers were the first thing we thought of and so we started making dried flower wreaths and bouquets.

With time came also other loves - some products are made by us, some are made by other artisans that we really admire.

There is no rule, we simply search and choose things that we like and would like to share with other people.

Resa in rman was born in the end ob 2020. It is created by Lucia and Jerca. in Jerca.